E3 2019: Planet Zoo gets new trailer & November release date

Frontier Developments took the stage at the E3 2019 PC Gaming Showcase to give players their first look at Planet Zoo.


Game fans are likely aware with the developers at Frontier Developers through their games like RollerCoaster Tycoon and Planet Coaster. However, the studio has something of a longrunning relationship with animals, releasing games like Kinectimals in 2010 and Zoo Tycoon in 2013. The newest release returns to the world of the animal kingdom, albeit in a unique new way. It's called Planet Zoon, and it was given a new trailer at PC Gaming Shows' E3 2019 showcase.

Unlike past games from the studio, Planet Zoo takes a remarkably different approach to zoo management. In particular, the focus is on zoo preservation, cleanup, and of course, caring for the animals themselves. It's much more intimate, to put it one way: Instead of sitting back and managing from afar, players dive right into the nitty gritty details of zoo management, notably including the removal of animal waste.

Unlike past games in the series such as Zoo Tycoon, Planet Zoo will be published by Frontier Developments itself. Speaking in an interview with PC Gamer, studio creative officer Jonny Watts says that self-publishing allows him to make the zoo management game he himself wants to play.

"Planet Zoo is really the animal management game I’ve been wanting to make for 15 years," Watts said, "and being self-published means we can make the game we want.”

Planet Zoo will release for PC worldwide on November 5, 2019. Players can keep on top of this launch date as well as many others by heading over to our 2019 video game release date schedule. For more news, announcements, trailers, and game reveals from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, drop by Shacknews' E3 2019 home page.

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