What to expect from THQ Nordic at E3 2019

With over 80 games in active development, surely THQ Nordic will be showcasing something new at E3 2019. Here are our predictions of what to expect.


THQ Nordic clearly has a lot of plans in the works, and we're expecting to hear more about those plans at E3 2019. The publisher recently announced that it had over 80 games in development, and we're certain to hear more about some of them at this year's convention. Aside from the games being announced in the days up to the exposition, here's what we expect to see from THQ Nordic at E3 2019.

THQ Nordic | What to expect at E3 2019

Even though THQ Nordic won't be hold its own press conference at E3 2019, there are a number of games fans can expect to see from the publisher at its showroom booth. THQ Nordic has given plenty of teasers of details to come, but most of them don't provide any direct hints as to the games they reference.

The first hint comes through the THQ Nordic Twitter account, which has been providing announcements and bite-sized chunks of information in the weeks leading up to E3. One very obviously references Kingdom Come: Deliverance:

Unfortunately, that's about as far as direct hints go. As far as we can see, the publisher has only confirmed two other games for E3 2019, and it didn't provide names for either of them. Instead, THQ Nordic states that one game is a "new vision for a beloved franchise" while the other sees the "long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise."

As game fans well know, THQ Nordic has loads of IP spanning some of the most recognizable series in gaming history. A new vision for a beloved franchise could be absolutely anything, but we wouldn't be mad about seeing a new TimeSplitters or MX vs. ATV game. The other teaser uses the word "galactically," which leads us to believe the new game may be rooted in science fiction. Again, this could be about anything, perhaps even something to do with Destroy All Humans or the publisher's recently required Outcast IP.

THQ Nordic expectations for E3 2019 are simple: Fans can look forward to learning about new games. With that said, and like many other developers around the world right now, THQ Nordic is keeping quiet about what it will reveal at E3. The only way to know for sure is to wait for the show, but readers can stay right on top of incoming news by keeping it locked to Shacknews' E3 2019 home page.

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