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Blizzard brings Diablo's Hellfire expansion to

By popular demand, Blizzard has teamed with to bring back a highly-requested, third-party expansion to the original Diablo.


Earlier this year, Blizzard's classic library started making its way to DRM-free retailer Among the games that found their way there was the original Diablo. Blizzard supplied an updated version of the 1996 classic, one that includes updated compatibility with modern machines and online matchmaking via Now is going a step further with the release of what was thought to be a lost expansion, Hellfire.

Hellfire was largely thought to be lost because it was never really Blizzard's expansion to re-release. It was created by Synergistic Software in 1997 and released without the Blizzard endorsement or label. However, Hellfire proved to be one of the original Diablo's most popular pieces of content and remained a highly-requested feature for the Diablo re-release. So as a gesture of good faith to the classic gaming community, Blizzard has given the green light to re-release Hellfire as a free add-on to the original Diablo.

For the unfamiliar, Hellfire is a separate single-player campaign, one that sits outside the main game's canon. A powerful demon named Na-Krul threatens Tristram, with only Diablo's heroes to stop him. In addition to new weapons, items, missions, locations, dungeons, and enemies, Hellfire made sure to add an entirely new class. The Monk's legacy goes back a long way and while it's a standard class in modern Diablo games, it first got its start in Hellfire.

Diablo Hellfire

As was the case with the Diablo re-release, Blizzard and have made a few tweaks to allow it to run on modern machines. That means high-resolution support and compatibility updates. The expansion is accessible from Diablo's main menu.

Those looking to jump into Hellfire can purchase the first Diablo from It's currently on sale as part of the site's Summer Sale Festival, which is set to last until June 17.

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