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Apex legends update 1.2 patch notes adds The Legendary Hunt

The latest update for Apex Legends brings a ton of changes and a new mode called The Legendary Hunt.


Apex Legends players can rejoice. We’re only four days away from Respawn’s big announcements at EA Play, and the battle royale game is already seeing a ton of changes coming into play with the latest patch, update 1.2. The patch adds several quality of life fixes, and even introduces a brand-new Legendary Hunt mode to the experience.

Players will find The Legendary Hunt available as an in-game mode from June 4-June 18, allowing them to unlock some special skins and rewards. Make sure you earn these rewards early on, though, because once the game mode is gone, so is your chance to pick up these rewards. Players will also find a new Apex Elite Queue running from June 4-July 2. During this time, players who make it into the Top 5 in any match will be able to take part in a special queue full of Top 5 winners. It’s the best way to challenge yourself against others, though you can also move back to the regular queue if it’s taking too long to find a match.

Apex legends update 1.2 patch notes adds The Legendary Hunt

On top of the big changes listed above, the patch includes several quality of life fixes. For instance, the team has decreased the delay with items showing up in the menu when looting a Death Box, as well as corrected the mini map displaying the wrong direction while in the ship or skydiving. Of course, server performance is always something that the team is working on perfecting, and patch 1.2 sees some additional improvements to help with rubberbanding.

You can, of course, check out all of the updates and changes to Apex Legends by heading over to the official patch notes listing on Reddit. Battle Pass owners will also find themselves with bonus Battle Pass XP until June 18, and June 7-June 10 will see all players with a Double XP weekend to make use of, so make sure you don’t miss out on that.

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