New Find My app can track offline Macs, iPhones, and iPads

Forgetful folks have a new friend in Apple's newest Find My app, allowing the location of devices, even when they are offline.


Nothing is more frustrating than taking your iPhone, Macbook Air, and iPad Pro on the subway and then forgetting them on the seat once you get out at your stop. Using the power of Apple’s new Find My app, forgetful Apple users can track and locate their devices, even if they are offline. Using the power of bluetooth beacons, those Apple devices can be tracked as they ride around the subway system.

Apple previously offered a more primitive version of this service for iOS devices, but it required the device to be powered on and connected to the internet via WiFI or cellular service. The new Find My app will work even on a Macbook that has the lid shut. The Find My app will periodically send out pulses via bluetooth that will make virtual maps of Apple devices, hopefully helping the end user to locate their misplaced hardware. If you were the poor soul who left the Apple stuff on the subway, Find My can use bluetooth pulses from riders still on the train to track down your gear.

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