GTA Online gets $250k Nightclub Bonus and more this week

Double rewards on Contact Missions and a GTA $250k Nightclub Bonus land in Grand Theft Auto Online this week.


GTA Online players will have a chance to earn higher profits from various criminal enterprises this week. The crew at Rockstar Games has just announced the game's latest online bonuses, including free DJ t-shirts, a $250k bonus to players who complete a Nightclub Sell Mission, and double rewards for Contact Missions.

The big draw this week will certainly be the GTA$250,000 bonus. From now until June 5, players can earn $250k just for completing a Nightclub Sell Mission. The funds are a bonus on top of the regular mission rewards, so for players who have already risen to the top of the nightclub scene in Los Santos, now is the time to earn even more easy bucks.

The developers have also announced a new opportunity for double GTA$ and RP throughout the week. According to a post on the Rockstar Games website, players can get double money and RP from all Contact Missions through June 5, including Simeon Premium Deluxe Repo Work Missions as well as Madrazo Dispatch Missions. This bonus extends into other gameplay modes such as Occupy and Hardest Target as well.

GTA Online $250k nightclub bonus free DJ t-shirt tees

As with previous big-bank bonuses, the GTA$250k bonus for completing any Nightclub Sell Mission will be doled out to players' in-game bank accounts after the promotional period has closed. Gamers can expect the funds to arrive sometime between June 6 and June 12. The free DJ t-shirts, however, should show up immediately just for playing. And, to make Nightclubs in GTA Online even more entertaining, all clubs will have open bars through June 5. Go in, get drunk, cause some mayhem, and earn some free gear in the process.

More details about the latest GTA Online promotion, including discounts on Nightclubs and Renovations, can be found on the Rockstar Games website. For the absolute latest coverage of GTA5, be sure to stop by our Grand Theft Auto Online home page.

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