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Steve Aoki makes special appearance in Need for Speed No Limits DLC

The latest Need for Speed No Limits DLC contains new content featuring Steve Aoki and inspired by his comic, Neon Future.


Those still enjoying the fast-paced action of Need for Speed No Limits can expect to find new DLC waiting for them when they log in today. Released yesterday, the new DLC includes a special in-game appearance from Steve Aoki, a well-known DJ and the main inspiration of Neon Future’s characters.

In the new DLC, Aoki will challenge players to compete in a series of events that will unlock an exclusive Neon Future body kit for one of the cars in the game. The Nissan 240ZG body kit is decked out with futuristic designs, giving the car a real cyberpunk feel when it is equipped. Players will also find new music from Aoki’s Neon Future III Remix soundtrack available to jam out to while they race.

Steve Aoki makes special appearance in Need for Speed No Limits DLC

This marks the first time in the Need for Speed franchise’s history that the team has worked with a celebrity to design a car for the game, which is saying a lot considering the series has been around for 25 years at this point.

In the Neon Future comics, technology has been made illegal. Many continue to integrate it into their bodies, and the world has become divided between the Augmented (people with technology integrated into themselves), and the Authentic (people without technology integrated into their bodies). According to the comics’ main page on the Impact Theory website, Neon Future follows Kita Sovee as he rests on the brink of a decision that could push the war into full force.

The Neon Future DLC is now available to download, and users can hop in and start earning their way to that stylish new Nissan 240ZG body kit right now. Don’t miss out on this cool collaboration with Steve Aoki and be sure to follow Shacknews on Twitter to keep up with all the latest news and content that we create.

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