Detective Pikachu game sequel coming to Nintendo Switch

A second Detective Pikachu game is set to continue the mouse detective's story and it will come to Nintendo Switch.


As the sun rose in Japan, the nation's day began with a special Pokemon press conference. The topics of conversation included the Pokemon franchise across various forms of media, kicking off with Pokemon in the movies. After singing the praises of this month's Detective Pikachu theatrical release, the topic turned to the game that it was originally based on. Detective Pikachu will get a second game to follow up on his original story, but this game will not come to Nintendo 3DS. It is slated to come to Nintendo Switch.

Recall that Detective Pikachu (the game, not the movie) first released on Nintendo 3DS back in March of 2018. This told the story of the titular Detective Pikachu character, alongside his human partner Tim Goodman. As the Pokemon press conference reminded those who played the game, the story left off on something of a cliffhanger. While it hasn't been given an official title, a second Detective Pikachu game will continue this story. No other details were provided, other than it is set to release on Nintendo Switch.

Let's flashback to our original review:

"Detective Pikachu is the most unique Pokémon game currently out on the market, as you'll see just moments after starting it up. We're introduced to the wise-cracking detective immediately, a wholly different character than Ash's Pikachu, who we're all used to from the rest of the Pokémon games, anime episodes, and manga. This sassy, gruff little mouse is far from the obedient companion we've known for years. He's a grizzled old-timer who seems more like the wizened old police chief in movies and TV series, willing to help the less experienced and ready to jump on a difficult case to find a resolution. While it's a new dynamic for the series, it's also one that works ridiculously well, like a strange old buddy cop show."

Detective Pikachu was named the Modojo @ Shacknews Nintendo 3DS Game of the Year 2018 at the end of last year and there are high hopes for the sequel to do just as well. Shacknews will continue to follow this story whenever more details emerge.

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