Detective Pikachu earns over $350 million worldwide

Detective Pikachu sleuthed out some pretty impressive box office numbers after debuting earlier in May.


Detective Pikachu has been tearing up the box office ever since its theatrical debut, and as such it's earned a tidy amount of money.

Ever since the movie's worldwide launch on May 10, it's amassed a whopping $352 million worldwide, which places it right around Rampage at $428 million and Warcraft at $433 million when it comes to the top-grossing movies based on video games.

In terms of what the movie scored domestically, it made over $120 million. To put that in perspective, Tomb Raider previously made around $131 million. It looks like Pikachu has successfully captured the hearts and minds of theatergoers everywhere, and that's great news for anyone hoping for more Pokemon movies in the future.

That's great news, because Legendary Entertainment is reportedly moving forward with a sequel to the movie, which will find Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the adorable little yellow mouse. It will be a direct sequel, however, which may be a little strange and confusing considering the movie's ending, but we're not here to ask questions. We're here to see more Detective Pikachu, of course.

There are plenty more Pokemon left to be discovered in another trip to Ryme City, and we can't wait to see what comes of the next foray into the world of Pokemon with Tim and little snarky Pikachu.

For now, if you haven't seen the movie and still want to go see it, it's still in theaters. You can add to the growing box office numbers to try and edge it up over Tomb Raider, a feat it will no doubt accomplish in the coming days. In the meantime, pick up the Nintendo 3DS game and give it a whirl – it's worth checking out to see how different the two games really are. 

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