Battlefield 5 Mercury map fights for Greece this week

Battlefield 5's latest map takes players to Greece, as they re-enact 1941's Operation Mercury.


In the middle of the Memorial Day holiday, EA and DICE commemorated the occasion with the reveal of what's next for Battlefield V. The World War II throwback shooter is moving the war across Europe and shifting to the Mediterranean with the reveal of an all-new map called Mercury.

As one would imagine playing along the isles of Greece, Mercury's layout and architecture immediately stands out. Taking place in Crete, Mercury's design is based on the events of Operation Mercury in 1941. Here, players take the role of British troops that seek to ward off the German forces. The Germans have full control of the skies, forcing the British to make the best of the area's cliffsides and use them to their advantage. The Brits will also have their full arsenal of tanks, but they'll need to be careful as the Germans' aerial assault threatens to overwhelm them. Players will find a few familiar elements of previous Battlefield maps, including Battlefield 1942's Guadalcanal, Battlefield 4's Altai Range, and Battlefield 1's Monte Grappa.

Controlling Mercury's various Capture Points in Conquest will prove to be a dangerous game. The Battlefield website has them all laid out, pointing players to the Cove, the Poulos House, Radar Sites, Village, and Marina. Some of these points sit along the shores near the beach, which will make it more difficult to control vehicles in the area. The multiple cliffs also make verticality a much greater factor here than in the average map, making it possible to set up new flanking routes over the course of the game.

Mercury's deployment follows the Battlefield 5 roadmap, with DICE in the process of deploying Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. This comes weeks ahead of the expected release of the new Outpost game mode. Look for more detalis on Outpost as they arrive. Mercury is set to release this Thursday, May 30 for all Battlefield V owners.

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