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Pokemon press conference airing Tuesday, Direct coming June 5

A live Pokemon press conference will air this Tuesday, with a Pokemon Direct coming just days later to reveal more about Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.


The future for the Pokemon franchise continues to look bright in the gaming sphere and beyond. On top of a full lineup of games, Pokemon has successfully infiltrated Hollywood, as it turns out that a yellow mouse in a detective hat can blend in easily with a horde of costumed superheroes. Now it's time to look ahead to what's next for the franchise and, to that end, The Pokemon Company is set to address the Pokemon-loving universe tomorrow.

On Monday morning, The Pokemon Company announced a special press conference set to unfold on Tuesday, May 28 at 6PM PT. The press conference will unfold live from Tokyo, Japan and address the year ahead for the Pokemon series. The full press conference can be viewed on Twitch, as well as the Pokemon website. Look for the big topics to include Pokemon's gaming presence on Nintendo's various platforms, the mobile phenomenon Pokemon GO, and potentially more on Pokemon's greater place in popular culture. You might even see Ryan Reynolds* make a cameo appearance.

(* - Ryan Reynolds is not making a cameo appearance.)

One might expect for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch to be a big topic of conversation during that press conference. While that isn't entirely inaccurate, it looks like The Pokemon Company will hold back on many details for that game for the moment. That's because they're also planning for a full-blown Pokemon Direct to address Sword and Shield just a few days later. The Pokemon Direct is scheduled to air on June 5 at 6AM PT, just days ahead of this year's E3 2019, where Sword and Shield is expected to be a part of Nintendo's lineup.

Shacknews will be watching tomorrow and will have all the news ready to go as it is announced, so stay tuned.

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