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Death Stranding announcement coming in two days

Things are about to get weird because a Death Stranding announcement is coming, announces Kojima Productions.


Kojima Productions has set the internet ablaze today with a single tweet regarding Death Stranding and what many believe is an impending release date. The company, headed by Hideo Kojima, has announced that they will be announcing something on May 29th. You can see the tweet below.

As you can see, there’s really not a lot to go on. The internet at large seems to think that this date, May 29th, will be when we finally find out Death Stranding’s release date. This wouldn’t be a big surprises, given Kojima said just four weeks ago that we might see more Death Stranding soon. You’ve got to love Kojima’s version of “soon” in contrast to Valve’s.

The other thing to note from the tweet, other than the date, is an odd phrase, “Create the rope”. This is no doubt a reference to the “strand” in Death Stranding and the many rope-like tethers featured in the game and its title. Many bodies and entities can be seen in-game connected to the sky or the ground via a viscous umbilical-like cord.

Since Death Stranding’s official reveal three years ago at E3 2016, everyone and their dog has been speculating about what exactly is going on in the world of Death Stranding. However, of all these guesses the one’s likely to be the closest is the Shacknews team’s varied guesses on the story of Death Stranding. The reason for this rampant speculation is that there’s really not been a lot to go off of, despite there existing some 25-odd minute’s worth of trailers.

Considering the announcement is only a few days away, we won’t have to wait long to find out more about what Kojima and his team have been up to. Because the tweet is extremely specific about the date, there’s a pretty good chance we might finally get a release date for Death Stranding. Here’s hoping that date isn’t sometime in 2025.

For the latest news on Kojima’s newest brain baby, grab your umbilical rope and swing over to the Shacknews Death Stranding page.

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