Xur is selling One-Eyed Mask in Destiny 2

Tians should grab the One-Eyed Mask from Xur today and proceed to stomp their opponents in the Crucible.


Well, Guardians, Xur has arrived in Destiny 2 for May 24, 2019, and Titans will be happy to know that he’s selling the One-Eyed Mask. This exotic helmet is wonderful in the Crucible, and Guardians of other classes should expect to get a steady diet of them throughout the weekend.

Guardian’s looking for Xur can find him in the Winding Cove on Earth for the next few days. He’s carrying the following exotic armor pieces and a single exotic weapon:

  • Sweet Business (Auto Rifle)
  • Raiden Flux (Hunter Chest Armor)
  • One-Eyed Mask (Titan Helmet)
  • Chromatic Fire (Warlock Chest Armor)
Xur One Eyed Mask Destiny 2

Raiden Flux is a must-have for Hunters, but I still think the most exciting armor piece this week is the One-Eyed Mask for Titans. The intrinsic perk, Vengeance, “marks the enemy that dares to damage you. Track down and destroy your enemy for increased damage and overshield.” Simply put, when someone causes you damage in the Crucible, they will be marked for you to track then down and take them out.

For Guardians that are missing exotics that Xur isn’t selling, pick up his Fated Engram. This will decrypt to an exotic item that isn’t currently owned by the class of Guardians you’re using. If you’re missing exotics on your Warlock, go see Xur and buy the engram, just make sure that the item you’re missing isn’t from the Season of the Drifter. Fated Engrams only contain items included in the Forsaken DLC.

It’s also important that Guardians start trying new exotic weapons and armor pieces. Bungie plans to nerf several popular items, and it’s likely that the meta will shift drastically when the Season of Opulence kicks off on June 4, 2019. I have some strong opinions about those nerfs, as did many other Guardians, but no word on if those opinions mean anything in the latest This Week at Bungie.

Grab the One-Eyed Mask if you don’t already have it, then browse through the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more help being the best Guardian you can be.


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