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US chipmakers cut ties with Huawei following Trump blacklist

Following the addition of Huawei to Trump's trade blacklist, several US chipmakers including Intel have cut ties with the Chinese tech giant.


There’s no doubting the important of the current predicament facing Chinese tech giant, Huawei as Trump’s trade blacklist moves further into effect. The tech company was added to the trade blacklist late last week, on Thursday, May 20, and companies have already started to cut ties with Huawei, including US chipmakers like Intel, Qualcomm, and others.

Google was one of the first companies to start suspending support for Huawei, thereby hindering the company’s continued production of Android devices with official support. Now, though, various chipmakers like Intel Corp., Qualcomm Inc., Xilinx Inc., and Broadcom Inc. are also pulling their support, at least for the time being. 

US chipmakers cut ties with Huawei following Trump blacklist
Qualcomm is just one of several US chipmakers cutting ties with Huawei following the trade blacklist.

The report comes via Bloomberg, who also touches on some of the important reasons that people should care about this trade war, and the decisions being made surrounding it. While I won’t sit here and lecture you about the possible repercussions this could have on the entire tech market, it’s definitely a decision that needs to be taken seriously. Over the past several years, Huawei has made a name for itself as a leading point of progression for the tech market, offering cheaper solutions to things like 5G and other progressive parts of technology as a whole.

The trade restrictions being placed on the company are definitely something to take note of and the overall effect that they will have on the future of 5G and other technological progressions remains to be seen just yet. The ban isn’t quite complete, though, and we may see more ripples as time goes on. For now, it will be interesting to see if additional chipmakers follow suit as Intel, Qualcomm, and others have.

For now, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the developments in the mobile world to see how this new trade ban affects others involved in the progression of technology.

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