Shinobi challenge pack walkthrough - Hitman 2

By completing the Shinobi challenge pack in Hitman 2, players can unlock the Tanto to take with them on any future missions.


The Shinobi challenge pack has arrived in Hitman 2. This challenge pack was released on May 16 and takes players back to Hawke’s Bay, the training mission for Hitman 2. In it, players will be tasked with finishing a series of five challenges. Four of them are individual and the fifth is unlocked by completing the previous four. Accomplishing this task will see players rewarded with the Tanto, a weapon they’ll be able to take with them in any Hitman 2 missions going forward.

Shinobi challenge pack

The Shinobi challenge pack can be completed over the course of several runs. It’s not necessary for these to be completed in the same run. However, players are encouraged to make frequent manual saves, this way they can finish a challenge, load their save, and finish another. Once the mission is finished credit will be given for all completed challenges, unlocking the Tanto.

The Hitman 2 Shinobi challenges are as follows:

  • Shinobi
  • Waterbender
  • Deadly Shadow
  • Contained Explosion
  • Deadly Ninja

Shinobi challenge

The Shinobi challenge is finished by completing the other four challenges. Once Waterbender, Deadly Shadow, Contained Explosion, and Deadly Ninja are complete, Shinobi will complete and the Tanto will be unlocked.

Preferred Loadout

  • Smuggled Item: None
  • Concealed Weapon: ICA19 Silverballer
  • Suit: Player’s Choice
  • Starting Location: Player’s Choice
  • Gear: The Pale Duck
  • Gear: ICA Outstanding Performance Coin

Waterbender challenge

Hitman Shinobi walkthrough - Waterbender challenge

The Waterbender challenge is easy and can be done simultaneously with other challenges, although it can also be done on its own. It requires players to pacify someone with the aquarium. The aquarium is found on the first floor of the house, just inside from where the pool is. Lure any NPC over their using coins or a dropped weapon, then shoot the aquarium to cause the water to rush out and incapacitate a nearby NPC.

Deadly Shadow challenge

Hitman Shinobi walkthrough - Deadly Shadow challenge

This challenge takes bit more finesse. It requires players to eliminate a target with a Katana while wearing your suit. Once in the house, visit the panic room and grab the Katana, as well as anything else you’d like, such as a Lockpick. After interacting with the computer. Alma Reynard will walk through the front door. The easiest way to isolate her is to let her see 47 standing on the balcony pointing a weapon at her. Wait until she hangs her coat, then aim the weapon at her and duck away before she fully spots you. This will cause her to come upstairs. If you nail it and she’s walking upstairs, save the game. There are a couple ways to kill her that will knock challenges off, so might as well keep this point safe.

As Alma Reynard is walking up the stairs, drop an item on the floor in a blind spot from the guards, then hide behind the wall and wait. She’ll investigate the dropped item, giving 47 a chance to kill her without anyone seeing from a distance. Players will need to exit the mission to make this one count, and there must be no bodies found.

Contained Explosion challenge

Hitman Shinobi walkthrough - Contained Explosion challenge

As explained above, this one is also most easily completed by luring Alma Reynard upstairs almost as soon as she enters the house. Once she hangs up her coat, point a gun at her head letting her catch a glimpse of 47 on the balcony. Just before she fully spots him, duck and she’ll come upstairs to investigate. My strategy here was to knock her out, drag her into the panic room, then kill her with a Remote Breaching Charge. It’s quiet, so nobody heard me, and I was able to escape the mission quite easily. Players can also use items like the Pale Duck, or the ICA Explosive Phone. Whatever is unlocked and not considered an illegal item will work so long as you’re not knocking her out. Let her pick the item up, then detonate it and get out of there. Keep in mind the parameters of the challenge mean players must eliminate a target with an explosion, and it’s requires that they don’t kill or pacify anyone else in the explosion.

Deadly Ninja challenge

Hitman Shinobi walkthrough - Deadly Ninja challenge

The final challenge is called Deadly Ninja, which fun and requires players to eliminate 10 people using only Katanas and Shurikens. These can both be found in the panic room, so visit there and gear up before Alma gets home. Now, systematically move through the house and eliminate anyone in 47’s path, target or otherwise. Once 10 are down the challenge will complete, but players must exit the mission to complete the Shinobi challenge itself and unlock the Tanto. Because of this requirement, it’s wise to ensure that Alma Reynard is one of the 10.

For more help with the Shinobi challenge pack and unlocking the Tanto, open the embedded video above and watch a full walkthrough. For more help with all Agent 47’s problems, visit our Hitman 2 page to see what else we’ve been working on.

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