Beat Saber gets Level Editor & leaves Early Access next week

Hit VR game Beat Saber breaks free of Early Access to make its proper PC release later this month, giving players access to the new Level Editor.


Beat Saber is one of the hottest VR games around right now, and it's not hard to see why. Blending music with fast-flying visuals and an immersive gameplay style that doesn't at all put screens or furniture at risk, the game is something of a social sensation, and yet it's still in Early Access. It won't be for much longer, though, as the developers at Beat Games are ready to give the game a proper PC release, and the new version will notably include the long-awaited Beat Saber Level Editor.

Speaking in a post over on Medium, a Beat Games representative spelled out how jumping from Early Access to a proper retail release marks something of a new beginning for the VR release.

"A lot consider the move on from Early Access as a major milestone," the post reads. "But although we are excited, it is simply a formality for us. We have so much in store for the game and this milestone only shows we are right at the beginning. We are grateful to have you with us going forward."

Further down the post, the team gives a few reasons as to why Beat Saber is now leaving Early Access. The stated reasons include finally hitting a stable version of the game, availability of all launch levels, conclusion of the work on its Level Editor, and perhaps most importantly, the start of new plans for upcoming features.

Otherwise, the timing for leaving Early Access also neatly corresponds with the launch of the Oculus Quest. Players who want to pick up the game for the current Early Access price are advised to do s quickly, as Beat Saber leaves Early Access on May 21, the same day the Oculus Quest releases to the public. After that date, the price tag will go up to $29.99.

Since Beat Saber is leaving Early Access and heading toward a proper PC launch, now is the perfect time to scoop up the hit VR release. Players on PSVR are already enjoying the game, of course, but it's good to know that PC players are finally getting the gold version they deserve.

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