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Risk of Rain 2 has sold 1 million units on Steam Early Access

Risk of Rain 2 has sold over 1 million units since hitting Steam Early Access a month ago.


Released on March 28, Risk of Rain 2 quickly became a success, with the game drawing in players both old and new. Now, a little over a month out from the game’s release, the developers have announced that Risk of Rain 2 has sold 1 million units on Steam Early access.

This is a huge milestone for an indie development studio like Hopoo Games and is of course another notch in the belt for Gearbox Publishing, who helped ship the game. The game is still available through Steam Early Access, and the developers are continuing to focus on pushing Risk of Rain 2 further along. When it originally released into Early Access, Hopoo Games made it very clear that they wanted to focus on three main things during Early access.

First, they wanted to build up a community, which would allow them to keep in contact with the community and foster a constructive environment. Second, they wanted to create consistent and meaningful content that would help push the game’s progression through development. Finally, they also wanted to create a great feedback loop with the community, which would allow them to bring their vision of the game to life, while also hearing from players and implementing additional ideas that could proper the game even further.

Risk of Rain 2 has sold 1 million units on Steam Early Access
Risk of Rain 2's Mercenary prepares to take down several enemies.

So far, Hopoo Games has done an excellent job of keeping in contact with the community, and the base of their game is rock solid. As Risk of Rain 2 continues to evolve and grow, those sales are only going to grow along with it. It will be interesting to see what the next milestone is, and how long it takes for them to reach out. For more info on Risk of Rain 2, make sure you return to our main game page. You can also head over to the official Risk of Rain 2 Twitter, where the developers continue to keep fans up to date on features coming down the pipeline.

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