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Daedalic Entertainment's Silence out now on Nintendo Switch

Daedalic Entertainment's adventure game Silence is available to pick up now on Nintendo Switch.


Daedalic Entertainment is bringing its haunting point-and-click adventure game Silence to Nintendo Switch.

Silence follows a 16-year-old character named Noah and his little sister named Renie. At some point, weirdly enough, during an air raid they find themselves stuck between life and death in a magical realm where they're trapped for the foreseeable future. This strange dimension is full of weird characters, twisted monsters, and dark creatures looking to ravage anyone who gets in their way.

It's certainly not a place young kids want to stick around very long, especially since it feels like warped reality and is locked in war against the creatures roaming the realm. It's up to Noah, Renie, and a group of rebels to stave off the nightmarish enemies and make the dimension not-so-scary...and find their way home, of course.

“Silence is one of the most popular adventure games we’ve ever created, so bringing it to the Nintendo Switch was a no-brainer for us,” said Daedalic CEO Carsten Fichtelmann. “We’re excited for the Switch’s substantial adventure-game-loving audience to finally get to experience Silence’s enchanting mix of color and personality.”

Silence is partly a sequel and partly a spinoff of the adventure The Whispered World, developed and published also by Daedalic Entertainment. If you're intrigued by what you've read (or the visually arresting trailer), you can pick it up on Switch now. Let us know how you're finding it if you decide to grab it!

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