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Strapping LED propellers to your face looks pretty cool

This isn't your childhood propeller cap.


When was the last time you looked at your head in the mirror and thought it could be improved by adding an array of electronics and spinning blades? Probably never, we're assuming, but that's just what's being displayed in a new video posted to Twitter. Showcasing one of the most interesting propeller caps ever devised, this new cranial accessory is quite the attention-grabbing adornment.

Posted online by Twitter user FLICTERIA, the video shows off a head-mounted propeller with a series of LED inlays. The blades of the propeller are remarkably long, and the RGB-enabled LEDs are capable of displaying a wide variety of different graphics. Check out the headgear in the embed below:

There's a heads-up display joke in there somewhere, right? While it's probably not something people would wear to work or out on a trip down to the shops, if nothing else, the ability to display graphics and animations should make this LED-laden contraption pretty well-suited to cosplays.

As far as we can tell, it was created for fun, and the outfit being worn by the person in the video certainly seems to speak toward the idea of the cap being used as part of elaborate costumes. It has a sort of sinister feel in the video, but considering the technology, there's no reason why it couldn't display bright sparkles or a rainbow crown or even a gold halo.

There's not much known about the device so far. In fact, it's even clear who made it—we only know who shared it. With that said, Twitter user LadyAmanita says they can be found on ebay rather easily. Either way, to whom it may concern: Well done. We'd love to see more of it, but probably from a distance—we're not exactly keen on strapping it to our face.

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