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Dead End Job exclusive gameplay video footage

Have a look at the latest release from Ant Workshop Ltd in Shacknews' exclusive Dead End Job gameplay video footage.


It's tough out there for a video game character with a limited set of skills. Peril is everywhere and seemingly endless, and to make matters worse, opportunities for promotion are entirely dependent on forces outside of the hero's control. Such is the plight of Hector in Dead End Job, the new game from Ant Workshop Ltd. A twin-stick shooter with a distinctly spooky atmosphere, Dead End Job tasks players with clearing out spiritual remains amid less-than-thrilling work conditions.

Shacknews was recently able to gather some exclusive gameplay footage for Dead End Job. Check it out below.

Dead End Job follows the story of paranormal exterminator Hector Plasm—quite the ghoulish play on words—as he liberates ghosts and specters from various buildings and businesses. As the game's title implies, it's not exactly a very fulfilling job, and toward that front Hector will have to brown nose his bosses and work tirelessly in an effort to free himself from his own haunting spirit.

The official Dead End Job page on the Ant Workshop website gives players an overview of the features they can expect to find within the game:

  • Clean restaurants, offices and other buildings of ghosts using a plasma blaster, your trusty vacuum pack and a whole range of supernatural items.
  • Save your mentor's soul before the next full moon, or she'll spend eternity as a spook (voted “Least Preferred Fate” in Ghost Hunter Monthly).
  • Drop in/drop out couch co-op, as your mentor appears to lend a hand!
  • Stunning cartoon-quality high resolution artwork inspired by favourites like Ren & Stimpy.
  • Featuring original music by the award-winning Will Morton (Grand Theft Auto series).
  • Twitch and Mixer integration allows viewers to help or hinder the streamer by choosing their powerups.

There's still no release date set for Dead End Job, but the developers at Ant Workshop intend to bring the game to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2019. To check out more in-depth interviews, convention highlights, and gameplay video footage, head on over to the Shacknews and the GamerHubTV channels over on YouTube.

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