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Heroes of the Storm Patch 44.0 kicks off Caldeum Acropolis

Heroes of the Storm's 44.0 Patch takes the game into the future with the Caldeum Acropolis event.


There have been a lot of question marks regarding the future (or possible lack thereof) for Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard and partner company Activision have spent the past couple of months diverting resources away from the game and also targeting a handful of the game's team for layoffs, so it might be hard to imagine that the game is still receiving support. But sure enough, Heroes of the Storm is still getting updates and it got a particularly big one on Tuesday.

Tuesday kicks off the Caldeum Acropolis event, which... oh... I must have the wrong game. I see a lot of futuristic, neon cyberpunk here. This can't be right.

Oh, but it is! The Caldeum Acropolis story sees cyberpunk heroes of various factions looking to stand up to the tyrannical Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation. Those heroes are futuristic-looking versions of the game's various heroes, with Chromie, Butcher, Kharazim, and Lucio getting special cyberpunk skins for each of the event's factions. Other skins, mounts, and sprays are available, with all details available on the Caldeum Acropolis event page. The Caldeum Acropolis event is set to run until April 30.

Tuesday's other big change revolves around completely redefined hero roles. Roles are now being redefined as Tank, Bruiser, Support, Healer, Melee Assassin, and Ranged Assassin. Here's the category that each character fits into, as noted by the Heroes of the Storm website:

Heroes of the Storm hero roles
  • Tank: Anub'arak, Arthas, Blaze, Cho, Diablo, ETC, Garrosh, Johanna, Mal'ganis, Muradin, Stitches, Tyrael
  • Bruiser: Artanis, Chen,, Dehaka, Imperius, Leoric, Malthael, Ragnaros, Rexxar, Sonya, Thrall, Varian, Xul, Yrel
  • Healer: Alexstrasza, Ana, Auriel, Brightwing, Deckard, Kharazim, Li Li, Malfurion, Lt. Morales, Lúcio, Rehgar, Stukov, Uther, Whitemane, Tyrande
  • Support: Abathur, Lost Vikings, Medivh, Tassadar, Zarya
  • Melee Assassin: Alarak, Butcher, Gazlowe, Illidan, Kerrigan, Maiev, Murky, Samuro, Valeera, Zeratul
  • Ranged Assassin: Azmodan, Cassia, Chromie, Falstad, Fenix, Gall, Genji, Greymane, Gul'dan, Hanzo, Jaina, Junkrat, Kael'thas, Kel'thuzad, Li-Ming, Lunara, Mephisto, Nazeebo, Nova, Orphea, Probius, Raynor, Sgt. Hammer, Sylvanas, Tracer, Tychus, Valla, Zagara, Zul'jin

Balance tweaks have also arrived for Lucio, Chromie, and Lunara and take effect today. For more information on those and the various bug fixes and balance changes in place, be sure to read up on the full patch notes. Heroes of the Storm is not dead yet.

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    March 26, 2019 2:25 PM

    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Heroes of the Storm Patch 44.0 kicks off Caldeum Acropolis

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      March 26, 2019 2:43 PM


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        March 27, 2019 6:55 AM

        Yeah, This was overdue since there were so many weird edge cases in the old categories.

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      March 27, 2019 12:43 AM

      Long time no see Heroes of the Storm! I'm thankful that Blizzard finally had the time for this game. Awesome amount of content to look forward to. There has never been a game that I've been so keen to play pretty much immediately after I'd heard of this news. I tip my hat to you Blizzard and Activision.

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      March 27, 2019 6:58 AM

      Breaking news, I don't know what changes they made to Lunara but she still shreds and is annoying as fuck, based on data from one match last night.

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