Snoop Dogg's Gangsta Gaming League kicks off tonight

Big Snoop Dogg is throwing is hat into the esports ring, hosting the first-ever Gangsta Gaming League stream featuring Madden NFL 2019 later tonight.


Streaming platforms are great ways to connect players with celebrities or esports athletes, and it seems like Snoop Dogg wants a piece of that tasty streaming action. As a longtime gamer and noted Madden fan, Snoop Dogg has joined forces with the crew at Merry Jane to create the Gangsta Gaming League, and its premiere stream tonight will play host to a Madden NFL 2019 tournament with a $11,000 prize pool.

According to a press release for the announcement featured over on Merry Jane, the inaugural Gangsta Gaming League (or GGL) stream will be hosted by Snoop Dogg himself as well as comedian Dan Rue. The festivities will be taking place right within Snoop's Los Angeles Compound, and the entire event will be streamed on Snoop Dogg's Twitch, Mixer, and WestFestTV YouTube channel, as well as the Merry Jane Facebook page.

The release states that eight players will be present for the event: Red Woods, Red Grant, JC, Tripo Loc, Lala, Shelton, Waniac, and Young Sagg. The last players standing will also have a chance to earn bonus winnings for taking on and defeating Snoop Dogg, assuming they can take the heat.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to video games, having established a reputation for himself as a Madden fan years ago with videos of online play and reactions to Madden news being posted online. He's also made quite the name for himself in television and other non-music media lately, with a number of guest appearances and new shows like The Joker's Wild.

It goes without saying that the inaugural Gangsta Gaming League Madden NFL 2019 tournament stands the chance of being one of the dankest streams in recent memory, and we're using that phrase will a full understanding of its meaning. The press release specifically states that "[the GGL] is one professional sports league that will most definitely allow the use of cannabis." Like all other activities in life, the Tanqueray is optional. Be sure to drop in on the action later tonight, March 14, beginning at 5 pm Pacific time.

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