All Specializations and Signature Weapons in The Division 2

Learn more about the Specializations and Signature Weapons available to players in The Division 2.


Once players hit the max level in The Division 2, they gain access to three different Specializations, which in turn give them access to three Signature Weapons. To help you learn more about these endgame builds and weapons, we’ll go over all the info currently available for each Specialization, as well what Signature Weapons you can expect to find in each build.

All Specializations and Signature Weapons

At launch, players will have access to three different Specializations once they hit Level 30 and complete The Division 2’s campaign. This helps to ensure that players have more content to work towards, as well as gives them access to a small arsenal of Signature Weapons, which can completely change the way that Agents dispatch their enemies.

all specializations and signature weapons in The Division 2
Gaining access to Specializations and Signature Weapons will be key to exploring the endgame content like the Dark Zone in The Division 2.

If you’re trying to decide which Specialization to work with first, then you aren’t alone. With three options to choose from, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each build so that you can ensure you choose correctly for your playstyle. One thing to note, though, is that you aren’t locked into any one Specialization, so you can pick up another one if you find that you aren’t a fan of the option you initially chose.

Now that you know a little bit about what the Specializations are, let’s talk about each class specifically, as well as what Signature Weapons each build will offer.

Sharpshooter Specialization

If you like sticking clear of the battle and picking enemies off from afar, then the Sharpshooter Specialization has a lot to offer you. Featuring the Tac-50 C Rifle as it’s Signature Weapon, this class is ready to make some heads roll. As you’d expect, this powerful sniper rifle can take out multiple enemies with one bullet, so try to line up those targets before you take your shot. One of the best things about the Sharpshooter Specialization is the various modifiers that players will find available to them when they equip this particular build. We’ve outlined them all below.

Sharpshooter Perks and Modifiers

Perk/Modifier Name Description of Perk/Modifier
One in the Head +25% headshot damage.
Deft Hands +30% increased reload speed.
Breath Control +30% weapon stability and reduced recoil.
My Home is My Castle Increase to armor while in cover.
Vital Protection 20% reduced chance to be critically hit while in conflict.
Sharpshooter Tactical Link +10% headshot damage granted to all group members when they are closer to you than their target.
Flashbang Grenade Upgrade More effective Flashbang Grenades.
Sharpshooter 93R Sidearm Unlocks 3-round burst sidearm for use.
Gunslinger +10% to sidearm damage.
Signature Weapon Damage +145% increase to damage inflicted with your Signature Weapon.
This is My Rifle +15% increase to marksman rifle damage.
Tactician The Tactician Drone will now mark enemies for all your group.
Graphene Battery The Tactician Drone scouts and marks hostile targets and adds them to the HUD.
Carbon Fiber Frame The Tactician Drone marks hostile targets and shows them on the HUD.
X-Stat Armor Kit-Supplementary Armor Kits repair 50% less but also remove status effects and grant bleed, hazard and burn resistance for 20 seconds.
Group Signature Ammo Supply Kills with your Signature Weapon will grant a chance for Signature Weapon ammo to drop for all group or raid members.
Marksman Uniform Unlocks this uniform in Apparel.
.50 Caliber Acquisition Headshot kills from normal weapons drop Signature Weapon ammo.
Digital Scope attachment Grants access to this attachment.

Demolitionist Specialization

Players looking to make their enemies go flying in an explosive display will find themselves right at home with the Demolitionist Specialization. This class’s Signature Weapon is the M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher, and it packs a heavy punch for any Agent’s enemies. Here are the different modifiers and perks you can expect in the Demolitionist Specialization.

Demolitionist Perks and Modifiers

Perk/Modifier Name Description of Perk/Modifier
Explosive Ordinance +25% increase to explosive damage.
Vital Protection +20% reduced chance to be critically hit when in conflict.
Incombustible +20% increase to burn resistance.
Demolitionist Tactical Link Group members are granted +5% damage to targets not using cover.
Fragmentation Grenade Upgrade Upgrades damage dealt by Fragmentation Grenades.
Diceros Special Unlocks a special .357 Magnum Revolver.
Gunslinger +10% increase to damage inflicted by sidearms.
Spray and Pray +15% increase to damage inflicted by SMGs.
Signature Weapon Damage +145% increase to all damage inflicted by your Signature Weapon.
Small Laser Pointer attachment Unlocks this attachment for use.
Cyclone Magazine Increases the ammo available with the Turret skill.
Artillery Allows the Artillery Turret to launch explosive ordinance at nearby target locations.
SHD CPU V.2 Increases damage dealt by the Turret skill.
Crisis Response Main weapon ammo is replenished when armor is reduced to 0.
Braced for Impact Can be triggered every 60 seconds, and completely ignores damage from explosions.
Group Signature Ammo Supply Multi-kills with explosives grant Signature Weapon ammo to all group members.
X-Stat Armor Kit-Supplementary Using Armor Kits repairs 70% of normal amount and boosts weapon handling by 100% for 15 seconds.
40 mm Grenade Acquisition Kills with normal explosives drop Signature Weapon ammo.
Demolitionist Uniform Unlocks this outfit in Apparel.

Survivalist Specialization

The final Specialization available in The Division 2 right now is The Survivalist. Featuring the Explosive Tipped Crossbow, this Specialization is focused around taking enemies out at any cost by giving players the tools they need to control the battle with traps and status effects. Here are the modifiers you can expect to find at your disposal when using the Survivalist Specialization.

Survivalist Perks and Modifiers

Perk/Modifier Name Description of Perk/Modifier
Elite Defense +20% protection from Elite enemies.
Triage Specialist +25% increase to healing from group members.
Crunch Time 10% reduction to all cooldowns when in cover.
Vital Protection 20% reduced chance to be critically hit while in conflict.
Survivalist Tactical Link Members of your group receive +10% damage to targets with status effects.
Survivalist D50 Magnum Revolver Unlocks this weapon for use.
Incendiary Grenade Upgrade Grants additional damage with Incendiary Grenades.
Gunslinger +10% increase to damage inflicted by sidearms.
Running The Gun +15% increase to damage inflicted with shotguns.
Signature Weapon Damage +145% increase to damage inflicted with your Signature Weapon.
E.M.I. +15% increase to damage inflicted with assault rifles.
Infantry 5.56 Magazine attachment Unlocks this attachment for use.
Magnetic Disc Reduces the cooldown on Seeker Mines.
Flicker Flicker Seeker Mine will now follow allies and repair armor.
Larrea Tridentata Infusion Increase the healing on the Seeker Mine.
Explosive Bolt Acquisition Kills caused by status effects grant ammo for your Signature Weapon.
Scraping By Grants 5 ammo per second for the currently equipped weapon when moving from cover to cover while in conflict.
Distributed Repair Using an Armor Kit repairs over 5 seconds instead of instantly. However, repairs now apply to any group members within 10 meters.
Survivalist Uniform Unlocks this uniform in Apparel.

Table info provided by The Division Zone.

Now that you know all of the perks and bonuses offered with each Specialization, as well as which Signature Weapons each class will offer, it’s time to make your choice. You can check out our guide on how to level up quickly for help earning experience. Also, make sure you return to our The Division 2 guides hub for more helpful content and strategies.

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