How to earn experience & level up quickly in The Division 2

Everything you need to know to earn experience and level up quickly in The Division 2.


In order to unlock end-game content, you’re going to need to be able to reach higher levels and unlock better gear in The Division 2. If you plan on reaching end-game quickly, though, you’re going to need to know how to earn experience and level up quickly in The Division 2. The good news? We’ve got all the intel you need to start grinding out those levels so you can reach end-game content quickly.

How to earn experience and level up quickly

Earning experience and leveling up are key to progression in The Division 2. Not only will leveling allow you access to higher-tiered content, but it will also give grant you more gear and weapons to make use of. Below we’ll go over the best ways to earn experience in The Division 2, which will allow you to level up quickly.

how to level up quickly in The Division 2 - side missions
You can complete a series of side missions to earn additional experience and gear.

Complete side missions

Side missions are a-plenty as you make your way through the streets of Washington D.C. Not only are they a great way to get your hands on new clothing and other items, but these optional missions also offer things like SHD Tech and—of course—tons of experience, just waiting for you to take it. If you’re trying to level up quickly, then making your way through the side missions that become available throughout the game is going to be important.

Complete main missions

On top of side missions, completing the primary missions in the game will also grant you a nice chunk of experience. You’ll also be able to unlock additional areas by completing these missions, which can grant you more access to side missions and other activities. Of course, you’ll need to level up a good bit to take on the more difficult missions later in the campaign, which is another reason you should be leveling up as quickly as possible.

how to earn experience and level up quickly in the division 2 - control points
Control Points are a great way to earn additional experience and crafting materials.

Take over Control Points

Control Points are a new feature in The Division 2, and you’ll find several of them throughout the city. These specific areas on the map provide a good location to take control of and even offer up their own rewards to boot. These rewards can include items like weapons, armor, other gear and experience points. Once you have taken control of a point, you can visit it and provide it with the supplies it needs to continue receiving additional experience and rewards as well.

You can see how much experience an activity will provide you by viewing the icon on the in-game map. Here you can see your various rewards, including how much experience you’ll be given for completing it. For more info on The Division 2, check out the official game site for trailers and other intel.

Now that you understand how to earn experience and know how to level up quickly, make sure you return to our The Division 2 guides for more help navigating the streets of Washington D.C.

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