How to disable 'agent needs backup' calls in The Division 2

Learn how to disable the 'agent needs backup' calls that you continually receive while playing The Division 2.


If you’re diving into The Division 2, then there are some hurdles you might find yourself facing. Whether you’re playing alone, or enjoying the game with friends, there are some design decisions that the developers have made, which may leave you scratching your head. In this guide we’ll show you how to disable the ‘agent needs backup’ calls that you might continually receive while playing through The Division 2.

How to disable ‘agent needs backup’ calls

While you can play The Division 2 solo, the game is by and far designed to be played with others. On top of having several cooperative features—like events and game modes—The Division 2 also does a lot of things to try to push you towards other players. One such thing is the backup system. Basically, when enabled, this system allows other players to request backup from you when they go down, when completing missions, and when doing other activities out in the world.

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Now, this feature can be exceptionally useful if you don’t mind helping out strangers and jumping over to their games to help them up. But, if you’re enjoying playing the game on your own, or you’ve just gotten tired of hearing ‘agent needs backup’ over and over again, there is hope. You can disable this system from the settings.

how to disable 'agent needs backup' calls in The Division 2
Look for the On Call Status option in your settings to disable the 'agent needs backup' messages in The Division 2.

To disable ‘agent needs backup’ calls, you’re going to need to open up your game settings. To do this, press ESC or the MENU/OPTIONS button, depending on your platform of choice. From the menu, you will want to open up the Settings area—which is accessed via massive Settings button on the bottom of the menu screen.

Once you access your settings, simply scroll down to Gameplay. Here you’ll find a multitude of features you can customize, enable, or outright disable for your own gameplay needs. To turn off the backup calls you will want to scroll down through the Gamplay list until you see the On Call Status option. By default this is activated. You can tick it to “Off” to disable the On Call Status, which will disable ‘agent needs backup’ calls from other players.

Now that you have disable the ‘agent needs backup’ calls, you can get back to fighting the good fight. For more help, be sure to visit our other The Division 2 guides, where you’ll find a plethora of great content to help you survive Washington D.C.

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