Pay the bus fare to join Fortnite Gauntlet Solo Test Event

A new Gauntlet Solo Test event has arrived in Fortnite, and in order to participate, players will have to pay the bus fare.


Paying a bus fare in Fortnite? What madness has Epic Games come up with now? It might seem a little unusual to have to pay a bus fare in Fortnite, but there's a reason why such is now a thing: it's part of the game's latest Gauntlet Solo Test Event, where players buy into matches using points earned by completing various objectives. When the event is over, the players with the most points will move on to an exclusive new in-game event. Here's why you should consider paying the bus fare in Fortnite and how you can jump in on the latest Gauntlet Solo Test Event.

What is the bus fare in Fortnite?

Even if the emergence of a new Gauntlet Solo event is nothing new to players, having to pay a bus fare in Fortnite just sort of seems wrong. It has its purpose, though: players can spend two of their points to pay the bus fare in order to gain access to the Gauntlet Solo Test Event, where they can then earn additional points which can be used for further re-entry.

Fortnite what is the bus fare?
Fortnite's Gauntlet event scoring details. Photo credit courtesy of Twin Galaxies

The bus fare in Fortnite is just 2 points, which players can make back by eliminating at least two opponents. As can be seen in the Gaunt Solo Test Event screenshot above, players can also earn 3 points for a Victory Royale or by reaching the top 25 in a match, or two points for reaching either top 10 or the top 5 players in any given round.

Even though the bus fair is two points, there's no guarantee that players will make those two points back in a match. This is what creates tension in the latest Gauntlet Solo event: players need to buy their way in as well as perform well in order to keep trying. If they manage to keep racking up points, they'll be among the chosen few to be invited to the Gauntlet Solo Finals this coming weekend.

Fortnite Gauntlet Solo and Duo Test Event details

Many if not most of Fortnite's in-game events are limited-time affairs, and the latest Gauntlet Solo and Duo Test Events are no different. Currently available right now, the Gauntlet Solo events are slated to run from March 6 all the way through Saturday, March 9. At that time, the top-scoring 5% of players will be invited to the Gauntlet Finals, which will be held over a three-hour block with a match limit of 10 games.

Still think it's weird to have to pay a bus fare in Fortnite? We do too, but the transaction does at least serve a purpose in furthering Epic Games' goals with regard to limited-time Gauntlet events. Don't miss out on any of the action — keep on top of the latest developments in Epic's popular battle royale title by heading over to Shacknews' Fortnite home page.

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