MSI monitor blocks stray bullet and still works

MSI can now truthfully advertise the company's bulletproof build quality.


Most people wouldn't expect their monitors to survive a face-first tumble onto their desks, so it goes without saying that we wouldn't expect them so stand up to bullets. Yet, that is exactly what appears to have happened, as one Twitter user has reported that his MSI gaming monitor managed to stop a stray bullet fired through the wall of his California home — and it still works.

The report comes from Twitter user Eric Gan, who posted details about the event in the early a.m. hours of March 4. Gan says that shots rang out from a loud party across the street, and that as many as five gunshots pierced the walls of his house, mainly centered around his room and the room of his friend. One of the bullets went through a wall and right into the back of Gan's MSI gaming monitor.

Surprisingly, the monitor still works fine. It's certainly seen better days, but Gan says that the monitor is still being used over in his Twitch channel. One of the posted images shows the front of the monitor post-impact, and to look at it head-on, it looks completely undamaged.

Of course, the bullet that hit the monitor was just one of five that were fired into Gan's home. Other images show holes in a window, in another wall, and even through the blade of a ceiling fan and into the ceiling. Gan doesn't say that he was sitting at his computer at the time of the shooting, but if he was, we like to think he would have been okay.

In light of this spectacular story, MSI reached out to Gan and offered him a brand-new replacement for his G27C2 27" curved 144hz monitor. Here's to hoping the new monitor doesn't get shot.

So not only are MSI displays among the most popular gaming monitors on the market, they're also incredibly tough, apparently. Given how many gamers have spent countless hours firing digital bullets at one another, it's more than a little coincidental to see a monitor getting shot. We're just glad Gan and his roommate are OK.

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