Here are the 10 songs that will be in Audica on day one

Harmonix has fully pulled the curtain back on Audica's soundtrack, revealing the 10 songs that players will be able to find on day one.


Harmonix is currently hard at work on its next musical frontier. VR rhythm shooter Audica is set to hit Steam Early Access in just a few more days, but before getting there, there's the matter of knowing what kind of music players are even diving into. After all, a Harmonix game is often as good as its soundtrack. On Tuesday, Harmonix finalized the game's opening track list with a total of ten licensed songs to start.

The ten tracks were revealed on a special Tuesday morning livestream on the Harmonix Twitch channel. For those who missed it, here are the ten songs set to be featured when Audica first hits Steam Early Access:

  • Destiny - 1788-L & Blanke
  • Gold Dust - DJ Fresh ft. Ms. Dynamite
  • Collider - Noisia
  • I Want U - Alison Wonderland
  • I Feel Love (Afrojack Remix) - Donna Summer
  • Splinter - Savant
  • Smoke - Au5 & Fractal
  • The Space - James Egbert
  • Adrenaline - Zedd & Grey
  • Lazerface - Jeff Allen

Those who want an idea of what Audica's track list will sound like can check out the full soundtrack on Spotify.

For those just hearing about Audica for the first time, Harmonix first unveiled the game back in February. However, the project has been in the works significantly longer than that, starting out life as Chroma back in 2014. Chroma was initially shelved months after its reveal following a total company shakeup, but Harmonix wasn't ready to do away with the whole concept. Audica takes elements of the previous Chroma project and reformats it for VR gaming. This new game puts players in a virtual world where they take aim at alien targets to the rhythm of any of the aforementioned tracks.

Audica is set to hit Early Access on both Steam VR and Oculus Rift this Thursday, March 7. Pricing information is currently not available.

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