Dead or Alive 6 $93 Season Pass 1 might not include all DLC

The Season Pass 1 for Dead or Alive 6 carries a hefty price tag and doesn't guarantee access to the game's latest DLC.


The world of electronic fisticuffs found a new star today as Dead or Alive 6 made its worldwide debut. As with many modern video games, the developers at Team Ninja have cooked up a season pass for the game that offers access to a host of downloadable content set to release in the coming months. However, the price and the content within might leave some prospective buyers scratching their heads. Not only does the Season Pass 1 for Dead or Alive 6 cost a staggering $93, over 30 dollars more than the base game, it might not include all of the DLC planned to release throughout the season.

The details here are sort of baffling. The DOA6 Season Pass 1 is more or less a giant set of costumes, 62 of them total, plus two new fighters. That's really not a lot for almost a hundred bucks, considering how many fighters and costumes come with the game itself for the standard 60 dollar price tag. If the new fighters were 20 dollars each, which even then is considered a steep price, that still leaves 53 additional dollars just for costumes.

What's worse, it looks like Season Pass 1 doesn't necessarily include all of the DLC that will release throughout the March to June season. According to the Season Pass 1 Steam page, "Downloadable content not included in the list above may be released during the same period, but it will not be covered by this Season Pass 1."

So the Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 is almost $100, around half of which goes exclusively to costumes, and it might not give players access to all of the latest DLC. If buyers are going to put down their money, they'll certainly want to know what the season pass contains.

Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 content and characters

The Season Pass 1 for Dead or Alive 6 is essentially a large bundle of new costumes along with a couple of new characters. For $93, players might expect a wide variety of different content, but almost all of the DLC is cosmetic. Here's the full Season Pass 1 content list as featured on the DOA6 Season Pass 1 Steam page.

  • Season Pass 1 featured content
    • Happy Wedding Costumes Vol. 1 (13 Costumes)
    • Happy Wedding Costumes Vol. 2 (13 Costumes)
    • Costume Pack Vol. 1 (13 Costumes)
    • Costume Pack Vol. 2 (13 Costumes)
    • Additional Character Mai Shiranui
      • Mai Shiranui Debut Costumes (5 Costumes)
    • Additional New Character (still unknown)
      • Additional New Character Debut Costumes (5 Costumes)

  • Season Pass 1 bonus content
    • NiCO Technomancer Gear
    • Nyotengu Wrestling Costume

The Season Pass 1 is set to cover the first Dead or Alive 6 season, itself slated to run from March to June of 2019. Again, as before, it's entirely possible that additional DLC like costumes or characters could release in that period that won't be covered under the Season Pass 1. Caveat emptor.

Is the Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 worth the price? It's hard to say. The additional costumes and characters are tempting, but the $93 price tag and uncertain access to other DLC certainly makes the proposition less exciting. For now we'll have to wait and see what Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have planned for series followers. Until then, learn more about the latest fighting release by checking out Shacknews' official Dead or Alive 6 review.

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