GTA Online Bandito Races launch with Double GTA$ and RP

Rockstar Games are celebrating the latest GTA Online update by giving players a ton of chances to get double GTA$ and RP and get some deals on in-game items.


This week’s GTA Online update is all about the RC Bandito racing courses. Players who enjoy the mini-muscle machine races are getting seven new tracks that will put their remote-controlled driving skills to the test. As an added bonus, players who participate in any Bandito races on all 15 tracks will get double GTA$ and RP until March 6.

GTA Online RC Banditos Races start today

Rockstar Games provided a quick overview of the seven new tracks that are now available for GTA Online players:

  • RC - Cargo Chaos: In Los Santos, the glass is always half full. Take Elysian Island, for instance. Look beyond the poorly secured machinery and the routine workplace fatalities, and see a glorious opportunity for some remote-controlled mayhem.
  • RC – Arena Tour: What happens in the arena, stays in the arena. But if you really need to settle a score, you do it the old-fashioned way: fast laps around the building in an RC Bandito.
  • RC – Pierless: Vespucci Pier feels like a low-level acid trip at the calmest of times. See it from the perspective of a twitchy RC car clocking in 30mph past the candy floss stand, and get ready to loosen that mental grip...
  • RC – Water Pressure: The filtration system at the Land Act Reservoir was designed to cope with silt, trash, roadkill, light aircraft and human remains. How about remote-control cars, you say? Only one way to find out.
  • RC - Tourist Trail: Paleto forest is home to more invasive species than anywhere else in the state. Top of the list: morons with RC cars tearing up the undergrowth one irreplaceable habitat at a time.
  • RC - Tour of Duty: If you want to get under the radar at Fort Zancudo, you have two choices. One involves getting pretty friendly with the boys in C Company, and the other involves hopping the fence and supercharged RC cars too small to show up on the scanners. Your call...
  • RC – Mirror Image: What does end phase hipsterism look like? Well, racing around Mirror Park in a car so small you can't actually get inside it is definitely a contender.

Along with the brand new tracks, players will also get a chance to try their hand at making their own races and vehicle deathmatches with the new Arena War Creator. The Arena War Creator gives users access to a slew of props and vehicles that they can use to create their masterpieces. All the After Hours vehicles have also been added to creator mode and players can now remove fixtures in the race creator.

GTA Online Double XP and GTA$ this weekend
GTA Online Double XP and GTA$ this weekend

If all that wasn’t enough, all Contact Missions, Rockstar Stunt Races and Hunting Pack (Remix) will get a GTA$ and RP boost along with the RC Bandito races. Bodyguards and Associates will also get double salaries. Players will also have a chance to snag some new tees from in-game radio stations and vehicle manufacturers from Freemode Business Battle crates.

Players looking to purchase new gear will be able to pick up select items that are 30-35% off. Overall, it’s looking like a big week for GTA Online players with a ton of new content and a chance to beef up their level and accrue some in-game currency. Players have until March 6 to take advantage of the double GTA$ and RP boosts across all platforms. You can check out the Rockstar Social Clube events page for more details. 

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