Upset Overwatch players are harassing Brigitte's voice actor

Due to complaints with the Overwatch meta, which largely coincides with the arrival of Brigitte, players have been harassing the voice actor for the character.


Displeasure with a video game has led, once again, to some people harassing someone. This time around, the culprits are within the Overwatch gaming community and is the result of distaste born from the game's healer vs tank meta. We don't know if the players have also submitted actual, useful feedback to the developers, but they've started harassing the voice actor for Brigitte.

Overwatch is a squad-based FPS by Blizzard that features a colorful cast of heroes and villains that players can choose from. Team composition is a major focus of the Overwatch experience and a good one takes into account whatever the meta, or strongest strategies based on the current version of the game, may be. Those strategies are the result of the work done by developers, who also don't need to be harassed for whatever reason, but the developers aren't the targets this time around.

Kotaku reports that Brigitte voice actor Matilda Smedius has been the recipient of messages from players expressing their distaste with Brigitte's role in the Overwatch meta since her arrival in February 2018. In a thread of tweets she started, Smedius also pointed out that these people could "maybe give constructive criticism to the developers instead of harassing the voice actor."

“I was just kind of fed up with those messages popping up all the time,” she said in a video she uploaded to YouTube, speaking at length about the issue. “I don’t understand why someone would write that. I don’t understand why people hashtag #DeleteBrig on my pictures or call me fat. I don’t understand the point. The message I uploaded on Twitter wasn’t worse than anything else. I’ve seen worse. Way worse. But it caught my eye somehow. It’s just ridiculous to me.”

Here's a link to the Overwatch support page if you have a legitimate concern you'd like to share with the developers. Otherwise, respect the meta and stay tuned for the next update's patch notes.

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