Thimbleweed Park is free on Epic Games Store right now

PC players can now pick up Terrible Toybox's point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park for free through the Epic Games Store.


Following an announcement made earlier in February, the crew at Epic Games is now giving away free copies of Thimbleweed Park through the Epic Games Store. The latest freebie title boasts plenty of adventure game credentials, having been developed by two of the most prominent names in the genre, and PC players can pick it up free of charge for a limited time.

The Thimbleweed Park page on the Epic Games Store gives players a bit of flavor for the game's atmospheric, retro-inspired aesthetic: "A haunted hotel, an abandoned circus, a burnt-out pillow factory, a dead body pixelating under the bridge, toilets that run on vacuum tubes... you’ve never visited a place like this before." It goes on to say that throughout the course of the adventure, players will be able to switch "between five playable characters to uncover the surreal secrets of this strange town." Check out Thimbleweed Park in action by watching the launch trailer featured below.

For an independently developed video game, Thimbleweed Park certainly seems to have the right sort of creative minds behind it. There's good reason for that: The game was created by former Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island developers Gary Winnick and Ron Gilbert, who aren't exactly inexperienced when it comes to crafting classically styled adventure games. The duo are almost certainly the reason why Thimbleweed Park's Kickstarter project managed to draw in almost twice its base funding goal.

Epic Games is intent on sticking to its plan to dole out free games to players on a regular basis, and Thimbleweed Park is but the latest addition in a long line of freebies to come. Previous free games included Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, Axiom Verge, and more. To stay on top of the latest free game giveaways and any other developments with Epic's PC distribution platform, be sure to stop by our Epic Games Store home page.

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