How long does Fortnite take to update?

Curious how long you'll be waiting for Fortnite to update? Here's what you need to know.


If you’re one of the millions of players who dive into Fortnite every single day, then you’ve probably created some kind of routine. That means when the servers go down for an update, your routine might find itself in jeopardy. The good news is, we can help with that. Today we’ll talk about server downtimes and how long you can expect Fortnite to take to update.

How long does Fortnite take to update?

Strictly speaking, there isn’t really a set amount of time you can expect to wait when it comes to game updates. While a lot of servers will find themselves down for maintenance for just a couple of moments, some others might take hours. In Fortnite’s case, the amount of time it takes to apply an update is all going to come down to how many changes that update is making.

For example, a small update to fix a couple of bugs might not take as long to update, usually only requiring twenty or thirty minutes of downtime. On the opposite end of that spectrum, larger updates like the upcoming Season 8 update could take anywhere from one hour to four or five hours, depending on the amount of changes being made to the game’s code. This also doesn’t account for whatever issues might come up during the update process. The best thing to do when waiting for an update is to remain patient. Why not make some dinner or take the dog for a walk while you wait?

Unfortunately, as stated above, there’s no set time for any update to take place. You can follow the official Fortnite Twitter account to see tweets about new updates. Also, make sure you check out our Fortnite guide hub to stay up to date on the latest news, info and strategy guides available for Epic Games hit battle royale experience.

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