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Overwatch League Season 2 schedule for Stage 1, Week 2

The Overwatch League is entering its second week. Shacknews is here with the full schedule for Stage 1, Week 2 and which game to go out of your way to watch.


The Overwatch League has kicked off Season 2, beginning an exciting new season of competitive Overwatch. All of the teams from last season are back, along with a handful of new expansion teams. As promised, the opening weekend was full of tense action, compelling storylines, and some of the best Overwatch play in the world.

Now that the Overwatch League is back, Shacknews is here to help fans, be they old, new, or curious, keep up with the state of the league all season long.

Let's take a look at the early standings after the first week of competition.

Standings after Stage 1, Week 1 (Win-Loss, Map Differential)

  • 1 (tie). Philadelphia Fusion (2-0, +3)
  • 1 (tie). Hangzhou Spark (2-0, +3)
  • 1 (tie). New York Excelsior (2-0, +3)
  • 4. Vancouver Titans (1-0, +4)
  • 5. Paris Eternal (1-0, +2)
  • 6 (tie). Chengdu Hunters (1-0, +1)
  • 6 (tie). Toronto Defiant (1-0, +1)
  • 8 (tie). Atlanta Reign (1-1, +3)
  • 8 (tie). San Francisco Shock (1-1, +3)
  • 10 (tie). Boston Uprising (1-1, 0)
  • 10 (tie). Seoul Dynasty (1-1, 0)
  • 12. Los Angeles Gladiators (1-1, -1)
  • 13. Dallas Fuel (1-1, -2)
  • 14 (tie). Guangzhou Charge (0-1, -1)
  • 14 (tie). Los Angeles Valiant (0-1, -1)
  • 16. Washington Justice (0-1, -2)
  • 17. Florida Mayhem (0-1, -4)
  • 18. Houston Outlaws (0-2, -2)
  • 19. London Spitfire (0-2, -4)
  • 20. Shanghai Dragons (0-2, -6)

Stage 1, Week 2 schedule

Thursday, February 21

  • Washington Justice vs. London Spitfire - 4PM PT
  • Philadelphia Fusion vs. Florida Mayhem - 5:30PM PT
  • Guangzhou Charge vs. Dallas Fuel - 7PM PT
  • Seoul Dynasty vs. Chengdu Hunters - 8:30PM PT (Disney XD)

Friday, February 22

  • Atlanta Reign vs. Toronto Defiant - 4PM PT
  • New York Excelsior vs. Los Angeles Mayhem - 5:30PM PT
  • Shanghai Dragons vs. Boston Uprising - 7PM PT
  • Houston Outlaws vs. Hangzhou Spark - 8:30PM PT

Saturday, February 23

  • Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Paris Eternal - 12PM PT
  • Philadelphia Fusion vs. Dallas Fuel - 1:30PM PT
  • Vancouver Titans vs. Guangzhou Charge - 3PM PT
  • Chengdu Hunters vs. Florida Mayhem - 4:30PM PT

Sunday, February 24

  • Hangzhou Spark vs. London Spitfire - 12PM PT (Disney XD)
  • New York Excelsior vs. Houston Outlaws - 1:30PM PT (Disney XD)
  • Toronto Defiant vs. Los Angeles Valiant - 3PM PT
  • Vancouver Titans vs. San Francisco Shock - 4:30PM PT

Game to watch

The Hangzhou Spark are off to the races early on, dominating their first two games in Week 1. They found their footing quickly against the winless Shanghai Dragons, but their second game against the Los Angeles Valiant proved to be a much closer affair. Qiulin "Guxue" Xu and Da un "NoSmite" Jeong were two of the big standouts, alongside Sungwook "Ria" Park's dynamite D.Va play, giving the Spark some of the best tank play in the entire league. The Spark's fearsome GOATS (three tanks, three support) lineup didn't always work, but when it did, it worked to perfection, especially on the tiebreaking Nepal map where the GOATS lineup helped lead to a big comeback.

Meanwhile, the London Spitfire started off their title defense in rough fashion. The Philadelphia Fusion were ready for them and took control early in their Overwatch League Grand Finals rematch. The more stunning loss was to the Paris Eternal, who not only asserted control early, but also rolled with the London lineup adjustments after halftime.

The Hangzhou Spark bring their much-ballyhooed GOATS composition into a Sunday matchup with the shockingly-winless London Spitfire. Will the Spitfire try their more offensive-oriented lineup to try and go aggro against the Spark's tanks and supports? Can the Spitfire's MVPs recover from a slow start and get the world champions back on track?

Catch all of this week's games and all of this season's action on the Overwatch League Twitch channel, the ESPN App, or on the Overwatch League website.

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