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Ronda Rousey entered the WWE ring dressed as Sonya Blade

Ronda Rousey took the stage on WWE showing some love to Mortal Kombat 11's Sonya Blade.


Olympic medalist and WWE star Ronda Rousey came out for Sunday night's WWE Elimination Chamber event dressed as one of Earthrealm's finest for her match.

Rousey came out wearing a costume inspired by Sonya Blade, which included a cap, special vest, boots, and the attitude to match. Rousey is voicing Blade in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11, so it's only fitting that she would take on the character during a match, which we know gamers all over had to appreciate. It was a very cool homage, inspired by last month's character reveal.

Rousey was facing Ruby Riott for the Women's Championship and took home the title belt, but her match was confusingly bereft of Sonya Blade's moves. For instance, there were no sickening fatalities performed that night, but Rousey did come away victorious, so fans following her will have something exciting to attach to her cosplay-lite match.

Last month the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal took place in Los Angeles that gave us our first look at the game as well as the game proper, where we first got wind of Rousey taking over as Sonya Blade.

“Sonya Blade was the first kick ass girl I saw come onto the scene,” Rousey said during the reveal. “I admittedly kind of emulated her in my own way. And now I get to try and be her.”

“The first time I can remember playing 'Mortal Kombat,' my mom was a college professor and one of her students actually let me play. I was a complete button masher but I was Raiden and I beat him as Raiden and it was like the first time I had beat an adult at anything.”

We also got a brief look at some of the characters and brutal imagery we'll be seeing in the new fighting game. Speaking of girl power in Mortal Kombat, last week Jade was announced to be returning, and she'll be bringing her signature moves to the table as well.

We'll be seeing Mortal Kombat 11 hitting shelves on April 23 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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