All PC keybindings for Metro Exodus

Learn all the necessary keybindings for Metro Exodus on PC.


If you’re planning to play Metro Exodus on your PC, then knowing the proper keybindings and controls is going to be important. You can easily find all of these controls outlined in the game’s settings, but to make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a handy list of all of the commands so that you can easily find them in one place.

Metro keybinds on PC
Players can check out the keybindings for Metro Exodus in the settings menu.

All PC Keybindings for Metro Exodus

The keybinds in Metro Exodus are broken down into a few different categories. To make navigating easier, we’ve just outlined all of the basic keybinds below in an easy-to-read table. Remembering these bindings will be important, as you’ll never want to go into battle and not know which button you need to hit to complete an action.

Action Name Keybinding
Gas Mask G
Backpack I (Hold)
Swap Filter T
Light/Charger F (Hold to charge)
Lighter L
Journal M
Medkit Q
Night Vision N
Binoculars B
Time Y
Forward W
Backward S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Crouch Ctrl
Jump Space
Sprint Shift
Walk Not set at default
Crouch Toggle C
Weapon 1 1
Weapon 2 2
Weapon 3 3
Next Weapon ]
Prev Weapon [
Fire LMB
Reload R
Throw Secondary X
Melee Attack V
Use / Interact E
Holster H (Hold)
Weapons Inventory Tab (Hold)
Quick Save F5
Quick Load F9
Photo Mode F8

You can bookmark this page to help you keep up with the keybinds, and be sure to set them to any other settings that you might want, as you can rebind them all. You can also head back over to our Metro Exodus guides and walkthrough page for more in-depth content. To see what we thought of the game, make sure you check out our Metro Exodus review, where we touch on our favorite things about 4A Games’ latest hit adventure.

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