Prisoner hardpoint locations in Crackdown 3

Find and free the militia from the prisoner hardpoints around New Providence in Crackdown 3.


To fully complete Crackdown 3, a whole lot of items will need to be collected and several missions finished, including the prisoner hardpoints. These prisons hold several militia units, which when freed, will help the Agency take down TerraNova once and for all. Finding all the prisoner hardpoints can be difficult, as they only appear on the map when players get relatively close.

Prisoner hardpoint locations

There are 12 prisoner hardpoints scattered around New Providence, with the main cluster being in the western side of the island. While it is possible to finish Crackdown 3 without finding all prison locations, if players want to unlock all the Achievements, freeing the militia will be a priority.

Crackdown 3 prisoner hardpoint locations map
Use the map and the descriptions below to locate all prisoner hardpoint locations in Crackdown 3.

1. Westport

The first prisoner hardpoint is located in Westport, to the east of the area near the hexagon buildings.

2. Westport

The next prisoner hardpoint is located in Westport, slightly above the hexagon buildings in the east.

3. Westport

This prisoner hardpoint is on the north side of Wesport, right on the border of The Exchange.

4. Westport

Another prisoner hardpoint is in Westport, in the north by the monorail track. It will look like the hardpoint is actually in The Exchange.

5. Khan’s Scar

Head to Khan’s Scar to find this prisoner hardpoint in the south, by the highway feeding into New Pantheon.

6. Khan’s Scar

The next prisoner hardpoint is in Khan’s Scar, right in the middle of the eastern side.

7. Khan’s Scar

Another prisoner hardpoint can be found in Khan’s Scar, at the top of the area near the monorail station.

8. Zangado’s Breath

Search in the west of Zangado’s Breath to locate this prisoner hardpoint.

9. Oasis Precinct

This prisoner hardpoint is located in Oasis Precinct, right below the propaganda tower.

10. Ashwood Marina

Another prisoner hardpoint is located in the Ashwood Marina. Search the western side of the area near the monorail track to find the prison.

11. The Vision

The eleventh prisoner hardpoint is in The Vision. Go to the southern point of the area near the freeway to find the prison.

12. Central Shade

The last prisoner hardpoint is in Central Shade. Head to the west by the shoreline to find the prisoners right in the middle of the slums.

Freeing the prisoners from all twelve hardpoints not only unlocks an Achievement, but helps weaken TerraNova’s defences. Jump by the Shacknews Crackdown 3 game guides for more helpful mission walkthroughs.

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