How to take and share photos with Pokemon Go Snapshot

Find out how to use Pokemon Go's new Snapshot feature, including how to take photos of your favorite creatures and share those photos with the world.


Snapshot is the latest feature added to Niantic's AR-based mobile sensation Pokemon Go, and it allows players to take and share photographs of their favorite Pokemon. The Snapshot feature seems like a direct callback to the days of Pokemon Snap, the on-rails candid monster photography simulator for the Nintendo 64, albeit reworked for the modern generation. The new Snapshot features are simple to use, though taking and sharing photos does have a few steps worth learning more about. Here's how to take and share photos using Pokemon Go Snapshot.

How to use Pokemon Go Snapshot

Fans of Pokemon Go will not be surprised to learn just how easy it is to take and share photos using Pokemon Go Snapshot. Like most of the game's other features, Niantic has ensured that snapping photos of players' favorite Pokemon is a breeze. Here's how the process works as outlined over on the official Pokemon Go blog.

To take a photo of a Pokemon using Pokemon Go Snapshot:

  1. Open the camera by finding it in the Bag of items. Alternatively, find a chosen Pokemon in Pokemon Storage.
  2. Select it, then tap on the screen to throw the Poke Ball to the chosen location.
  3. After the Pokemon is deployed, players can move around freely to set up the photo.
  4. If desired, brush across the Pokemon to get its attention and have it face toward the camera.
  5. Finally, press the on-screen shutter button to take the photo. All pictures will be saved to the mobile device automatically.

Sharing photos from Pokemon Go Snapshot is even easier. Players can simply select the photo they want to upload then choose the social channel to send it to all within the game. Of course, since all photos are saved to the mobile device, users can also share them like they would any other media — through Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, MMS messages, or even good old-fashioned emails. Niantic would prefer social media, of course, and they've invited players to use to he hashtag #GOsnapshot when sharing online so the developers can find and share user-submitted photos through official marketing.

Learning how to use Pokemon Go Snapshot is a breeze, and players likely won't have any trouble taking and sharing photos of their favorite creatures. Snapshot is just the latest in a long line of fresh new additions from Niantic, and players can keep on top of the newest developments by keeping it tuned to Shacknews' Pokemon Go home page.

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