Fortnite Solid Gold Duos replaces Blitz and Trios game modes

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's Blitz and Trio game modes will soon be replaced by the Solid Gold Duos LTM.


Fan-favorite Fortnite LTM Trios is about to disappear once again, as Epic Games has announced that both Blitz and Trio will soon be replaced by another limited-time mode. This time around Fortnite players will be given access to Solid Gold Duos, a return of the Solid Gold LTM with a special 50-vs-50 duos twist.

Like many of the LTM variants in Fortnite, Solid Gold (both Solo and Duo) give players the chance to do something they normally couldn't — in this case, it's play through a match with a friend or ally using only the game's most powerful weapons.

Even though both Trios and Blitz appear to be a hit among fans, with players on social media clamoring for Epic to make both game modes mainstays in the Fortnite experience, the developers are ready to bring back Solid Gold in a special Duos-flavored outing.

For those who may have forgotten, Solid Gold is a limited-time mode that offers up a Legendary weapon from every single weapons crate. Players got a taste of this limited-time mode previously when Solid Gold Solos and Duos game modes were unveiled back in August of last year. Of course, the "Duos" part of the title corresponds to a shift to 50v50 gameplay, allowing players to team up with another in order to score a Victory Royale.

Epic Games hasn't mentioned specifically when Blitz and Trios will be removed from Fortnite, nor when the Solid Gold Duos LTM is slated to arrive. Instead, the developers have simply stated that the game modes will be swapped around "shortly." Until then, players can learn more about Epic's hit battle royale sensation by checking out the latest news and in-depth guides featured over on Shacknews' Fortnite home page.

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