Dell Mobile Connect brings smartphones into the VR world

Dell's Mobile Connect is still in its prototype phase but wants to enable VR fans to reply to a text without taking off their gear.


One of the greatest things about the modern VR experience is how immersive it can be. The downside of it though is that there’s usually a lot of gear to take on and off to make it all work properly. Getting something like a message or call on your phone in the middle of a session can be more distracting than it would be in a regular gaming session, especially if you’re getting a ton of texts from someone. No one wants to keep interrupting their VR gameplay to deal with real reality. Fortunately for popular VR enthusiasts everywhere, it would appear that Dell has been working on a solution in the form of their new Dell Mobile Connect software.

The software works on both Android and iOS mobile devices and basically puts your phone into your VR experience. Users will be able to reply to texts and other messages or have a chat using widgets within the VR space. A selection of pre-made responses will already be available as well for people who just want to reply quickly and get back to their session. We were able to catch a demo of the product at CES 2019 to how it worked in action. You can check out the full demo in the video below.

Right now the Dell Mobile Connect software is still in its prototyping phase and as of now, it has no release date. Hopefully, this will be coming to market at some point, but I can imagine there are a lot of hurdles to overcome if they’re going to make this work beyond their own proprietary content. You can keep up with all the latest tech news from our CES 2019 coverage right here and be sure to check out more of our vids over on our Shacknews and Gamerhub YouTube channels.

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