Nintendo Switch Online adding Kirby's Adventure and SMB2

Nintendo Switch Online is set to add two more NES classics, including one of Kirby's first games and the black sheep of the Super Mario Bros. series.


The Nintendo Switch Online service continues to grow its library of Nintendo Entertainment System games. Sure, the lineup is growing at a glacial pace, but it's growing, nonetheless. On Tuesday, Nintendo revealed two more games from the original 8-bit generation that are set to come to the service.

The following games are set to hit the NES - Nintendo Switch Online service on February 13:

  • Kirby's Adventure: This is one of the original Kirby games, released on the NES following the Super Nintendo's debut. Kirby's Adventure sees the pink puffball debut his power-stealing abilities across 20 different stages. Players journey across Dream Land assembling the Star Rod, as Kirby looks to save the land from everlasting nightmares.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: This is considered the oddball of the Mario games. For the uninitiated, the object here isn't to step on enemies or fight Bowser. Mario and company are trapped in a dream world, where they must pull out vegetables and toss them at foes while venturing off to face the evil Wart. There hasn't been a Mario game like this since, but it is noteworthy for introducing several Mario rogues that are still omnipresent to this day, including Birdo, Shy Guys, and Sniffits.

The NES - Nintendo Switch Online library now exceeds over 30 games. Like the other games that came before it, Kirby's Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 2 will include cloud saves and the ability to play anywhere. Voice chat and online play will obviously not be necessary with these single-player offerings, but these features are available for a handful of other Nintendo Switch Online titles that feature multiplayer.

The Nintendo Switch Online service recently surpassed 8 million users. For those who are not among them, the service goes for $19.99 for a full year, with family membership options available.

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