The Walking Dead & Return to Arkham coming to Xbox Game Pass

A remaster of last generation's best superhero games and the beginning of one of the best adventure titles will be making landfall on Microsoft's Game Pass service soon.


Microsoft’s Game Pass service has been a great value for gamers looking to stretch the value of their dollar since the service launched. Now that we are in early 2019, Xbox Game Pass boasts over one hundred different titles to choose from and during today’s Inside Xbox Event, Microsoft announced more new titles for the service. Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season 1 and Batman: Return to Arkham will be joining Shadow of the Tomb Raider as the new kids on the Xbox Game Pass block.

Batman: Return to Arkham first debuted on the Xbox One and PS4 back in 2016 during the era when remastering and upscaling older titles was en vogue and a cost-effective measure for publishers to get products on the digital shelves for current generation console owners. Return to Arkham combines the remastered versions of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. The collection includes all of the DLC released for the games as well as upgraded textures, enhanced resolution, and some pretty aggressive color correction. While it’s inarguable that the remastered versions look cleaner and newer, purists may be less than enthusiastic about the shift in visuals. The Xbox Game Pass will let you judge for yourself for a low price.

When Telltale Games originally launched The Walking Dead back in 2012, the episodic adventure made waves in the game industry thanks to its approachability and strong writing. The game was so well-received that it spawned a gold rush of similar games based on various licensed properties like Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and Minecraft. If you didn’t catch the game on its first go around, Xbox Game Pass offers you the opportunity to see where Clementine’s saga began and how Telltale Games became a force in the games industry.

During the Inside Xbox Event, Microsoft also revealed that Pumped BMX Pro, the side-scrolling trick bike action game, will also be included on the Game Pass service. These three games, along with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, will officially launch on Xbox Game Pass February 7.

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