Deactivate barrier and solve Manifold puzzle in Anthem

Learn how to solve the puzzle and deactivate the Manifold barrier in Anthem's open demo.


Players can dive into the Anthem open demo this weekend, giving them a taste of BioWare’s upcoming adventure. If you’re playing through the demo, then you’ll have the chance to complete a series of missions, one of which will require you to deactivate a barrier and solve a puzzle in the Manifold. Many players have found themselves struggling to find the solution. The good news? We’ve got the answers you need to solve the puzzle and lower the barrier right here.

How to Solve the Manifold Barrier Puzzle

As you play through the missions available in Anthem, you’ll be given a brief taste of what to expect from the full game when it releases on February 22. One of the missions that you can complete, Triple Threat, has a puzzle that has been causing a few issues for players, making it difficult for them to solve it and deactivate a barrier blocking their progress forward.

During Triple Threat, players will find themselves in a large cavern with a small artifact. The item itself is surrounded by a barrier, which you’ll need to lower if you want to access the piece. This barrier can be deactivated by interacting with three portals around the chamber.

Anthem Manifold puzzle portal
You will need to interact with all three portals and change them to the correct color to remove the barrier.

To complete the puzzle and lower the barrier, you’re going to need to set the three portals to a specific color. You can interact with each of the portals, turning it through a series of colors including red, purple. yellow and blue. In order to solve the puzzle, you’ll need to set each portal to its corresponding color. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any clue as to what the color should be, at least not at first glance.

The solution to this puzzle is much easier to find than you might think. In fact, all you’ll need to do to solve this conundrum is look around the walls that surround each portal. Here you should be able to spot a small colored orb, glowing softly in the darkness of the chamber. This orb should tell you which color to set the portal to. Once you’ve spotted the colored orb, go ahead and set the portal to it. Doing this will remove the barrier covering the artifact, allowing you to run over and acquire it. From left to right you’ll want to set the portals to red, purple and yellow to remove the barrier.

Now that you’ve deactivated the barrier and solved the puzzle in Triple Threat, you can head back over to our Anthem home page for more help in BioWare’s latest action-adventure.

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