SteelSeries unveils new dual wireless Stratus Duo controller

SteelSeries' new Stratus Duo controller aims to bring wireless connectivity to PC and Android players with helpful dual wireless technology.


There are a lot of different video game controllers on the market, and they all seem to do different things. Choosing a preferred controller usually comes down to finding ergonomics that make for the most comfortable experience, but there's no guarantee that such a specific controller will work across all devices. That's why popular gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries has been cooking up a new controller called the Stratus Duo — to provide a sturdy and functional controller that's not only comfortable to use, but also compatible with nearly all modern gaming platforms.

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo isn't aiming to revolutionize the industry: It's a fairly standard dual-analog design with face buttons that mirror those of an Xbox game pad without the offset analog sticks. However, the Stratus Duo's biggest claim to fame is its "dual wireless" technology. Essentially, SteelSeries has made the Stratus Duo compatible with most wireless-capable devices, with the "Duo" part of the name corresponding to the controller's 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

Billed as a PC and Android controller, the Stratus Duo's Bluetooth connection should theoretically work with about any modern bluetooth-enabled devices, including Android phones and PCs. The 2.4GHz wireless connection should fill the gap for everything else, specifically with older computers that do not have a bluetooth connection. SteelSeries has specifically mentioned that the controller works well for mobile-oriented VR gaming, with both Samsung VR and the Oculus Go being name-dropped in the device's press release.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo wireless controller

It's not all about the wireless, of course. The Stratus Duo notably features "an upgraded design from the Stratus XL with a new trigger design featuring Magnetic Hall Effect sensors that keeps triggers consistent and precise," according to the press release. It "also includes high performance clickable analog joysticks that feature minimal dead zones and smooth operation. The controller is powered by a lithium ion battery for 20+ hours of play time and includes a Micro USB cable that is 1.8 meters/5.9 feet in length."

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo dual wireless controller goes on sale today with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $59.99. More information about the controller can be found over on the official SteelSeries website. For more new product reveals and top coverage of the industry's hottest games, keep it tuned right here to Shacknews.

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