Interview: HTC aims to make VR more accessible with Viveport

We caught up to HTC at CES 2019 to talk about Vive, their plans for Viveport and more.


HTC announced several new additions to their virtual reality line-up this year at CES, and we had a chance to catch up with the company on the show floor to learn more about their plans over the coming year for virtual reality and the HTC Vive.

IF you didn’t keep up with all the announcements coming out of CES 2019, then you might have missed the fact that HTC announced Viveport Infinity, a massive change to their subscription service, which allows users to pay a low monthly price for access to five applications a month. However, with the change to Viveport Infinity, users who have the subscription service will now be able to download as many applications as they want each month, giving them unbridled access to over 600 applications available through the service.

On top of the Viveport changes, HTC also talked a bit about their hopes and plans with Vive Reality, the new home service that they have planned to launch with the latest version of the HTC Vive. The new system will make transitioning between applications more immersive, creating a more cohesive experience all around.

New hardware is also a big priority for HTC this year, and they’re working hard to release a new version of the Vive that allows users to more easily get things set up and connect to the virtual world without all the additional headache that has come with the original system.

2019 is looking to be a really good year for VR enthusiasts who love the Vive brand, and HTC has some really good ideas to help push their headset line-up forward. Make sure you check out the full interview video above to hear Asif’s chat with the people at HTC as they discuss all the changes coming for HTC Vive and the Viveport subscription service.

--Editor's Note: The original article stated that Viveport Infinity gave access to over 2,000 applications. While there are over 2,000 applications available in the Viveport store, only around 600 or so are available through the subscription service.

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