How long does it take to beat Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 will take dozens of hours to beat, though players who stray from the critical path can expect many dozen more.


As it goes with many modern RPG releases, genre fans are already wondering how long it will take to beat Kingdom Hearts 3. Given that Square Enix's respective parent companies long ago established a tradition of creating lengthy video game adventures, it's no surprise to learn that the studio's latest releases follow suit. There's no reason to think that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be any different, and early indication seems to show a campaign length that should dozens of hours to complete.

How long it takes to beat Kingdom Hearts 3 story

According to a Square Enix representative, the Kingdom Hearts 3 story takes around 50 hours to complete assuming players stick to the main campaign path. This information was offered during a hands-on demo for, where the representative also said that players who engage in mini-games and side quests "can expect 80+ hours of content" in Kingdom Hearts 3.

However, this figure is slightly different than the time being reported by a number of other gaming insiders and games journalists. Many are saying that the main Kingdom Hearts 3 path can be completed in around 30 hours or so. Given that these types are likely pushing through games quickly, we could reasonably assume that their completion times would be shorter than those of most players.

As is often the case, the best guess involves splitting the difference between the two reports. Square Enix itself says Kingdom Hearts 3 should take around 50 hours to complete, though dedicated players seem to be able to push through it all in just less than 30 hours. So, with consideration to approach, series fans can likely expect 40 hours play time with minimal distractions and up to 80 hours if they want to see all the game has to offer.

No matter which approach is taken, players should expect to beat Kingdom Hearts in around 40 or 50 hours. The critical path can be completed in as few as 25 hours, but rushing through the story means players will miss out on the extra 55 or so hours of content that Square Enix put into the game. Sometimes slower approaches make for better experiences. Keep on top the latest coverage of Square Enix's Disney crossover RPG by stopping by Shacknews' Kingdom Hearts 3 home page.

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