Get Gold Bars fast in Red Dead Online

Learn how to stack up more Gold Bars quickly in Red Dead Online.


Red Dead Online has a lot for players to do and Rockstar is constantly bringing out new updates, including game modes, bug fixes and more. If you’re trying to save up for a sweet new outfit, or just looking to pad your pockets as much as possible, then learning how to get Gold Bars fast is going to be crucial to your success as a pioneering outlaw.

Get Gold Bars Fast

There are currently only a few real ways for you to get your hands on Gold Bars, especially if you’re looking to do it quickly. While completing various events out in the world can reward you with Gold Nuggets, you’ll need to acquire a total of 100 Gold Nuggets in order to turn it into one Gold Bar. There are a few things you can do to increase the amount of Gold Nuggets you’re acquiring, though.

Complete Story Missions

Completing Red Dead Online’s campaign missions is by far the best way to earn Gold Nuggets quickly. Each mission that you complete will reward you with some Gold Nuggets, which when added up to 100 will grant you a Gold Bar. Thankfully there are a good few missions here, and you can even replay them if you need to.

Complete Stranger Missions

Stranger Missions are another great way to earn some Gold Nuggets as well. The only downfall here, though, is that you won’t always receive Gold Nuggets for your troubles. The big pro, though, is that Stranger Missions are constantly refreshing and there are a ton of them scattered throughout the world, so you shouldn’t run out of things to do that quickly.

Red Dead Online Gold Bar purchase options
You can purchase Gold Bars in the store.

Purchase Gold Bars

If you’re really looking to get Gold Bars quickly, though, then the best way to do so is to purchase them outright. Thankfully there are a few different options available for players to pick up in the Xbox and PlayStation stores. In the store, you can purchase anywhere from 25 Gold Bars up to 350, though the price does increase with each package that’s available. We’ve outlined the full price of the packets below:

  • 25 Gold Bars - $9.99
  • 55 Gold Bars - $19.99
  • 150 Gold Bars - $49.99
  • 245 Gold Bars – $74.99
  • 350 Gold Bars - $99.99

There have been reports of users gaining Gold Nuggets by completing other tasks in the world, but we haven’t confirmed that just yet as these happenings appear to be few and far between. With that in mind, though, make sure you head back over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough if you’re interested in learning more about the main game, or need help in Red Dead Online.

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