Samsung's 219-inch The Wall display promises a modular future

The Wall, Samsung's open-ended modular display concept, could very well serve as a glimpse into the future of commercial televisions and displays.


Last year Samsung unveiled The Wall, a 146-inch display that could be adapted or adjusted to suit just about any tastes. Not to be outdone, even by themselves, the company took to CES 2019 to show off a newer, bigger model of The Wall. Clocking in at a staggering 219 inches, Samsung's latest modular display promises customization that is years beyond the most common teleivision and display technology on the market today.

Based on what Samsung calls "microLED" technology, The Wall is quite literally a display unlike most others. In fact, it's hard to see the actual form of the device itself — it appears to be an actual wall, and that approach means it's capable of a lot of neat tricks. (The image at the top of the article is last year's model, which is just small enough for users to get a sense of the display itself.) In addition to simply blending into the environment, The Wall can actually simulate an environment. The video above shows simulated furniture, including tables and shelves, as well as various bits of home decor.

Of course, The Wall does actually function like a television set or monitor. The screen can be simulated at just about any size, shape, or resolution — even the aspect ratio itself is flexible, since the dimensions of the content or the display can be manipulated by the user. This could technically allow viewers to increase their display size as simply as they might adjust the volume using a TV remote.

Samsung says that The Wall promises "a true-to-life experience from any kind of entertainment, in any kind of venue, in any kind of setting," and "really does allow you to build out exactly you're looking for from an entertainment standpoint." Its applications in the home might be mostly centered around films, games, or general ambiance, but its flexibility could prove popular for business or entertainment venues as well.

More information about The Wall, including details from last year's smaller 146-inch model, can be found over at the official Samsung website. For more in-depth convention coverage, including footage of new technology and interviews with top talents in the industry, be sure to stop by the Shacknews and channels over on YouTube.

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