Drone locations for all Black Armory forges in Destiny 2

Drone locations for each Black Armory forge in Destiny 2 to progress the Mysterious Box quest.


Guardians who have been populating the various Black Armory forges in Destiny 2 may have noticed a few drones flying around each time the second round of batteries begins. These drones are also found around each forge warden’s shield, and the shields of saboteurs found around the world. Shooting the drones that fly overhead during a forge activity serves a purpose, though, as it leads to activating the Maximum Temper modifier. A Maximum Temper forge run helps players progress the Mysterious Box quest that leads to Izanagi's Burden, an Exotic Sniper Rifle. Below players will find the locations of all drones in each of the four available forges.

It's importante to note that the drones will only be available for a few moments before disappearing. If players wait too long to destroy them (say, after a few batteries have been thrown at the forge), the drones will not be there and the Maximum Temper buff will be unattainable for that forge ignition.

Volundr forge drone locations

The Volundr forge will spawn two drones at the beginning of the second phase of the forge activity. One drone will spawn in the lower part of the caves, floating around one of the stalactites, and the second drone will spawn outside floating around a tree in the distance. While shooting the one in the cave will be simple with any weapon, players will likely need to use a long-range and fairly accurate gun to get the drone near the trees.

Gofannon forge drone locations

The two drones in the Gofannon forge spawn very close to each other. As you enter the forge, look across the map to a broken piece of Failsafe’s ship. One drone will spawn in the broken ship, not far from where Fallen will pour out of a spawn point. The second drone will spawn to the left of Failsafe’s ship when you’re looking at it. Look for the rocky formation near the Fallen spawn door to spot this second drone.

Izanami forge drone locations

The Izanami forge drones are a bit further apart than the others just due to the size of the forge. One drone will spawn above each of the two isolated platforms. The left plate (align yourself as if you’re just entering the arena) will spawn near a small ledge next to a Hobgoblin that will pester players the entire time they are collecting batteries. The drone on the right plate (align yourself as if you just entered the forge) will spawn near the edge of the platform, next to a Vex-like pillar.

Bergusia forge drone locations

The Bergusia forge drones are easy to locate. The first done will be found near the back left of the map as you enter the forge. It will spawn almost in the corner and somewhat close to the ground. The second drone will spawn along the right side of the map as you enter the forge. The drone can be easily found by standing near the two red pipes closest to the back of the forge.

Again, drones spawn at the beginning of the second phase, just when Guardians are about to throw their second batch of 20 batteries. There are always two drones, and successfully shooting each one will spawn a box at the event’s completion. Open the box and you’ll get a key for the Mysterious Box quest. Shooting both drones also activates something called Maximum Temper. It’s also good etiquette to shoot both drones if you’re in a team with either one or two random players in case they need one of the keys.

Now that you know where to find the two drones in the Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami, and Bergusia forges, be sure to visit the Destiny 2 strategy guide we’ve been working on since the game’s launch. There will be something there for Guardians of all power levels.

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