Mobile Edge lets you take your laptop and VR gear on the go

Mobile Edge designs hi-tech bags that make traveling with your gaming gear easier than ever.


Gaming laptops are incredibly popular with PC gamers thanks to their ability to deliver top-flight gaming experiences, while offering portability. Sadly, most laptops don’t come with any way to safely transport your expensive investment. The folks at Mobile Edge have dedicated themselves to offering a range of laptop packs that provided the best possible protection for your gaming laptop and VR hardware, while being easy to use and travel with.

Mobile Edge Core Gaming bags offer protection and convenience that typical laptop carrying cases fail to deliver. While we were at CES 2019, we spoke with Paul June, VP of Marketing over at Mobile Edge and he gave us a rundown of some of the company’s offerings. He also demonstrated how the bags offer usability and convenience for mobile PC gamers.

The company offers bags that can hold the biggest laptops you can purchase today. Additionally, the bag can be unzipped to lay flat, making TSA inspection of your gear prior to a flight less of a hassle. Mobile Edge also offers a few different bags with molded plastic shells that will protect against damage from drops or foreign objects. Some of the bags have dedicated compartments for VR headsets and hardware so that you can take you Oculus Rift or HTC Vive on the go.

The need to recharge your batteries is one of the biggest drawbacks to using gaming laptops outside the house. Mobile Edge offers battery packs that pack enough juice to recharge your gaming laptop and mobile devices. These packs are also able to be stored in the carrying bags. The bags come with integrated cables that allow the user to recharge their gear from the power packs without having to pull anything out of the bag. The whole setup allows for maximum convenience.

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